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1500 Sq.ft Dehumidifiers for Home Basements, Aiusevo 22 Pint Dehumidifier for Room, with Auto and Manual Drainage, Intelligent Humidity Control, 3 Operation Modes, Ideal for RV, Bathroom

1500 Sq.ft Dehumidifiers for Home Basements, Aiusevo 22 Pint Dehumidifier for Room, with Auto and Manual Drainage, Intelligent Humidity Control, 3 Operation Modes, Ideal for RV, Bathroom

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Introducing the AIUSEVO 1500 Sq.ft Dehumidifier for Home Basements - your ultimate solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels in your living spaces. With its sleek white design and a range of advanced features, this dehumidifier is a must-have for any household.

Safety and quality are our top priorities, which is why our AIUSEVO dehumidifiers are equipped with an array of safety functions. The Auto shut off function ensures that the unit automatically turns off when the water tank is full, preventing any spillage. The Child lock feature keeps curious little ones safe by preventing them from tampering with the settings. Additionally, the fire-proof material used in the construction of this dehumidifier guarantees your peace of mind.

We understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to fan speed. That's why we designed our dehumidifier with adjustable 2 fan speeds, allowing you to choose the right setting to suit your needs. You can opt for the low fan speed when you are sleeping or working, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed environment.

With three modes to choose from, this dehumidifier is versatile and can cater to all your dehumidification needs. The DEHU mode allows you to adjust the humidity level in your space from 30% to 80% and control the fan speed accordingly. The DRY mode is perfect for removing excess moisture from wet clothes, especially during the continuous rainy season. Finally, the CONTINUOUS mode runs continuously until the humidity level reaches your desired preset, making it ideal for extremely damp areas.

Our intelligent humidity control feature provides you with complete control over the unit's settings. The smart RH display allows you to monitor the current humidity level at a glance. The child lock function ensures that your settings remain intact, avoiding any accidental changes. With the built-in timer, you can set the dehumidifier to work for a specific duration ranging from 1 to 24 hours. Moreover, the auto defrost feature activates automatically when the temperature drops, ensuring optimal performance even in colder conditions.

Designed for convenience, our dehumidifier is equipped with various practical features. The 360° universal wheels make it easy to move the dehumidifier around your home. The lift-up handles provide additional portability, allowing you to carry the unit effortlessly. The washable filter ensures that your dehumidifier always operates at peak efficiency. The available water tank and drain hose options give you the flexibility to choose the most suitable drainage method for your space.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service and support. Our dehumidifier comes with a 1-year warranty, and we offer free exchange within 60 days of purchase. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, our dedicated customer service team is here to assist you. Whether it's troubleshooting or guidance on connecting the drain hose, we are committed to providing prompt and effective solutions.

The AIUSEVO 1500 Sq.ft Dehumidifier for Home Basements (model number: AS280) is the ideal solution for maintaining a comfortable and healthy living environment. Suitable for small rooms, living rooms, crawlspaces, garages, grow tents, and cellars, this dehumidifier is the ultimate tool for controlling excess humidity. Don't let dampness become a problem in your home - choose AIUSEVO and experience the difference for yourself.
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