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12 Packs (288PCS) Matte Press on Nails Medium Length, FANDAMEI Ballerina Coffin Acrylic Short Fake Nails Full Cover with 10g Nail Tips Glue, 12 Color False Nails for Nail Art DIY

12 Packs (288PCS) Matte Press on Nails Medium Length, FANDAMEI Ballerina Coffin Acrylic Short Fake Nails Full Cover with 10g Nail Tips Glue, 12 Color False Nails for Nail Art DIY

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Introducing the FANDAMEI Matte Press on Nails Medium Length! This amazing set includes 12 packs, totaling 288pcs of high-quality, durable, and stylish press on nails. With the addition of 10g of nail tips glue, this kit has everything you need for a flawless and stunning manicure.

The FANDAMEI Matte Press on Nails come in a variety of 12 beautiful matte solid colors, including nude, pink, purple, plum, orange, brown, reddish brown, wine red, gray, green, black, and white. These colors are carefully curated to suit any occasion or mood, giving you endless possibilities for your nail art DIY projects. Each color is conveniently packed in a transparent plastic box with 12 grids, ensuring easy access and organization. Each grid contains 1 color and 24pcs of press on nails in 10 different sizes, resulting in a total of 12 colors and 288pcs of nails.

Crafted with premium quality ABS material, these press on nails are not only durable but also resistant to breakage. The flexible bottom ensures a snug fit on your natural nails without causing any damage to the edges, while the solid top prevents folding and ensures a safe and secure manicure. The nails are also pre-numbered on the tips, making it effortless to find the perfect size that fits your nails perfectly.

With their elegant ballerina coffin shape and square heads, these nails offer a classic and sophisticated look. The medium length provides versatility, allowing you to trim and file them to your desired length and shape. Whether you prefer a shorter or longer manicure, you can easily achieve the perfect style with these nails.

The FANDAMEI Nail Tips Glue is specifically designed for effortless application. With its convenient applicator brush, you can easily apply the glue without any mess or waste. This strong adhesive is perfect for sticking artificial nail tips and small nail art decorations like rhinestones, glitters, and flakes. The included 10g of glue ensures that you have enough product to complete multiple manicures, giving you long-lasting wear and stunning nail art.

For your convenience, the glue is filled to only 3/5 of the bottle's capacity, preventing any leakage during high temperatures. This ensures that your product remains intact and ready to use whenever you need it.

Using these press on nails and nail tips glue is incredibly easy. Simply select the most suitable size from the pre-numbered tips, apply the glue onto the press on nails using the brush, firmly press the fake nails onto your natural nails, and hold for 30 seconds without moving. If needed, you can trim the nail tips using nail clippers or files to achieve your desired length and shape. With this simple process, you can create stunning nail art without the need for nail polish, saving you time and effort.

The FANDAMEI Matte Press on Nails Medium Length kit comes in compact and convenient package dimensions of 5.6 x 5.2 x 1.0 inches. This makes it easy to store, carry, and bring along wherever you go, ensuring that you can have beautiful nails on the go.

Enhance your nail game with the FANDAMEI Matte Press on Nails Medium Length set. With its variety of colors, premium quality, and easy application, you can effortlessly create stunning nail art DIY projects and enjoy long-lasting wear. Upgrade your manicure routine and experience the elegance and charm of ballerina coffin nails with this amazing set. Order yours now and elevate your nail art game to new heights!
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